chain manure scraper / rope / straight / U-shaped
manure scraper

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chain manure scraper / rope / straight / U-shaped chain manure scraper / rope / straight / U-shaped - manure scraper


  • Type:

    chain, rope

  • Shape:

    straight, U-shaped, V

  • Other characteristics:

    straight, rubber, V, automatic, hydraulic, for slatted floors

  • Width:

    Min.: 135 cm (53.15 in)

    Max.: 460 cm (181.1 in)


The Multi-Scraper is constructed from different cast steel parts, which are more abrasion-resistant than carbon steel. The modular design means that all worn parts can be easily replaced, allowing the manure scraper to enjoy an unlimited working life with minimal maintenance costs. All worn parts have visual wear indicators, which enable them to be replaced in a timely and opportune manner without reducing the scraper’s functionality.

The animal-friendly, rounded shape of the entire scraper, the two special mainframe hinged arms (enabling the frame to be angled forward, even during operation), the adaptable capacity of the scraper and the adjustable pulling bar make this multi-scraper a unique quality product that delivers an unequalled scraping result.

The advantage of moving the scraper’s main arms forward is that, when a lot of (dry) box litter is used, the manure and litter will glide to the middle of the scraper. As a result, manure will never run into in the boxes and the scraper pulls more evenly and lightly. This ensures maximum hygiene and lower maintenance costs.

The advantage of the adaptable arms is that the scraper follows the floor optimally and makes it perfectly clean. The Multi-Scraper is therefore very suitable for floors with a slope to the middle.