feed dispenser / gravimetric / for pigs / solid feed



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    gravimetric, for pigs, solid feed


Gestal Effect: Improving your sow’s body condition and milking capacity by providing continuous meals during the day in order to increase your sow’s daily feed intake.

The Gestal SOLO allows you to feed your sows many times a day, in a very precise and continuous manner. By giving the sow many small meals, Gestal increases your sow’s daily intake. In turn, the sow produces more milk for her piglets, allowing them to grow faster. In addition to helping wean piglets faster, the system maximizes intake and milk production while maintaining the sow’s reserves (vitamins, fat and muscle), keeping your sows fit and healthy from farrowing to weaning.

The principal characteristic of the Gestal SOLO is that even when your computer fails, the system continues to operate without a problem. It’s an independent and autonomous system built for ultimate reliability.


- Simply connect the feeder in a regular 120Vac or 220V outlet (depending on your territory) and it is ready for work!
- The feeder communicates with the computer using a wireless network: reliable, easy to install, easy to move, replace and service
- The feeder can easily be mounted on the crate door over the trough or on the tubing of the feed delivery system: it suits every building type, crate door and feed delivery system