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cattle feeding robot / self-loading / with feed pusher / mobile

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cattle feeding robot / self-loading / with feed pusher / mobile cattle feeding robot / self-loading / with feed pusher / mobile - Vector


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    self-loading, with feed pusher, mobile


Automatic feeding is ready for you

More frequent feeding
Feeding more frequently stimulates fodder ingestion, so it benefits animal health, fertility and production. Eating several times a day keeps the pH value of the rumen constant, and allows cows to make better use of the ration they eat. Animals become more active: they visit the milking robot more often, resulting in an increased output of milk.

Automatic feeding
Automatic feeding means that cows are fed with precision. You can define exactly the right ingredients needed to feed each group of animals, including beef cattle. This has a positive influence on feed efficiency, and the development and production of your animals.

Always fresh feed at the feed fence
Feeding more frequently ensures there is always enough fresh feed at the feed fence. The Lely Vector senses when it is time for a new feeding round. The mixing and feeding robot measures the feed height of a specific section to determine when the ration needs to be supplemented, so there is never too much or too little feed at the feed fence.

Insight into profits
Feeding with the Vector provides more understanding into the efficiency and profitability of your feed strategy. The T4C management system indicates average feed ingestion per cow and per group. You can measure the effects of changes to rations by linking the system to the Lely Astronaut. This allows you to gain an insight into whether the cost of a change produces not only a higher yield but also a higher return.