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foot bath for livestock buildings / metal

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foot bath for livestock buildings / metal foot bath for livestock buildings / metal - Walkway


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    for livestock buildings

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Foot bath for efficient hoof care

Healthy hooves for optimum animal welfare
Reduce hoof disease and premature lameness with efficient hoof care. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive. They will visit the feed gate and the milking robot more regularly. Healthy hooves are good for the animals and their yield.

Efficient care
The Walkway offers regular care for hooves. Safe to use: with a simple push of a button, the foot bath fills up with water and a hoof care product. The cows walk through the foot bath, thereby obtaining the efficient hoof care they need. Easy to do after milking in the milking robot or in another set spot in the barn.

Animal-friendly and safe
Treatment is pain- and stress-free for your cows thanks to the animal-friendly Lely Walk Liquid disinfecting solution. This product is free from formalin and antibiotics. This makes cows more likely to walk through the foot bath, and to visit the milking robot. The system is self-cleaning, ensuring that any contamination does not affect the hoof health of the herd.