greenhouse paint / sun protection / thermal
ReduFuse IR

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greenhouse paint / sun protection / thermal greenhouse paint / sun protection / thermal - ReduFuse IR


  • Application:

    for greenhouse

  • Function:

    sun protection, thermal


ReduFuse IR is a coating that reduces heat radiation while diffusing the light when it enters the greenhouse.


High light transmission (PAR)
High reflection of heat radiation (infrared)
An evenly balanced climate due to light diffusion
Less stress in the crop
More photosynthesis, also in the lower leaves
Lower leaf temperatures
Highly wear-resistant
Easy to remove with ReduClean
More comfortable work conditions
Suitable for glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film


ReduFuse IR is suitable for all crops that are heavily dependent on light and has proven successful when applied to flowers, plants and vegetables in warm climates and during warm periods. ReduFuse IR is ideal for crops that thrive on diffused light but cannot stand too much heat.

How to apply

For the best results, ReduFuse IR should be diluted with a certain amount of clean water (depending on the application method) and sprayed evenly on a dry and clean greenhouse roof. The best layer is obtained when sprayed by machine. The table below shows the number of buckets required and the effect on the greenhouse climate.