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grain combine harvester / straw walker
MF BETA series

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grain combine harvester / straw walker grain combine harvester / straw walker - MF BETA series


  • Crop type:


  • Threshing technology:

    straw walker

  • Engine power:

    306 ch, 360 ch (306 hp)

  • Grain capacity:

    8,600 l, 9,000 l (2,271.88 gal)

  • Cutting width:

    Min.: 7.6 m (24'11")

    Max.: 7.7 m (25'03")


This is where it matters

The MF Beta combine harvesters offer a straightforward, practical design with a mix of technology and functional features that are simple to work with in the field, where time is of the essence.

A good cab environment is the key to getting the best performance from the machine and operator. Excellent visibility with ergonomically placed controls makes the workload easier and more productive.

Head first feed - start well, finish well - your header is critical to how well your combine performs - with a lifetime of experience, Massey Ferguson offers you a choice of its premium PowerFlow table or high capacity FreeFlow tables.

TerraControl II provides a mix of automatic functions for the standard table-levelling (FreeFlow or PowerFlow), ground-following system (Field pressure) and headland management – all the metrics are controlled from the operator’s multifunction lever. Small changes in height requirement can be made quickly and easily, creating an even feed in changing conditions. The automatic reel speed function takes tasks away from the operator so they can focus on getting the best from the machine.
The Power Feed Roller at the front of the main crop elevator gives a consistent crop flow from the table into the main crop elevator.

Full width auger fingers on the FreeFlow table increase auger throughput, ensuring positive and fast feed into the main crop elevator.

The Schumacher knife is the best performing knife in the business at 1220 cuts a minute.