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ESD - Electronic Seed Driver



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    for seeding

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MC Elettronica is proud to present brand new Electric Seed Driver (ESD) developed for complete monitoring and control of precision seed drill up to 24 rows. The Electric Seed Driver system has a simple modular structure that electrifies all sowing distributors using Brushless motors for each row. Replacing all mechanical seed drill transmission ESD allows setting the sowing distance directly from the control monitor on the tractor.

MC Elettronica ESD system is suitable to be used with the main GPS devices on the market (Trimble, Topcon, AvMap and other brands). GPS integrated with seed drill controller can automatically manage rows exclusion avoiding overlapped sowing: this solution substantially increases overall seeding performance including seed loss.


-Simplified seed drill resulting in a reduction in set-up times during seed drill preparation
according to the crop to sow;
-Increased sowing precision as a result of eliminating mechanical tolerances;
-Electric Seed Driver increases in sowing speed up to 18 Km/h, if permitted by the seed
-Increase in yield and economic performance;
-Maintenance time reduction;
-Higher level of safety for the operator due to the lower number of moving mechanical