animal feed supplement / cattle / sheep / goat

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animal feed supplement / cattle / sheep / goat animal feed supplement / cattle / sheep / goat - Max


  • Type:

    for animals

  • Animal type:

    cattle, sheep, goat

  • Main ingredient:

    calcium, fat, fatty acid

  • Form:


  • Function:

    for digestion, deficiency corrector, for reproduction, higher milk revenues, for lactation


Mega-Max is the new supplement in the Megalac range of rumen-protected fats, developed based on the latest scientific research on feeding fats to dairy cows. Mega-Max is uniquely-formulated with a specific balance of C16:0 and C18:1 fatty acids to achieve performance benefits through the whole lactation.

Mega-Max is a multi-purpose fat supplement for dairy cows and other ruminants targeted to improve milk yield, milk fat, fertility and body condition score throughout lactation.

Why is Mega-Max Unique?
Manufactured to Volac Wilmar’s unique specification, Mega-Max combines C16:0 and C18:1 fatty acids in the ratio determined to be most effective in the critical early lactation period to balance milk production and body condition. In later stages of lactation, Mega-Max supplies C16:0 to increase milk fat and C18:1 to improve fertility, offering an ideal one-product solution to fat supplementation for dairy farmers.