3-row precision seed drill / trailed
Structural 30

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3-row precision seed drill / trailed 3-row precision seed drill / trailed - Structural 30


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Speed and precision
The Structural 30 is a trailed 3-row belt planter that plants 3 rows in a potato bed as standard. The planter is equipped with numerous innovative features that make planting more enjoyable for the grower. For example, the wave-shaped planting belts – the ‘Wave Belt’ concept – prevent the seed potatoes from rolling to one side on sloping terrain. This innovation is seed potato-friendly, ensures proper placement and guarantees high capacity. When planting with the Structural 30, uneven terrain is no longer a concern. Thanks to the patented Inclino Master® technology the furrow opener follows the contours of the field while the planting unit and the bunker are kept level. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on the planting, without having to worry about rolling potatoes. Other exceptional features of the Structural 30 are a very small turning radius for high manoeuvrability and the possibility to plant with two rows.

The heart of a Structural
The renowned Structural belt planting system combines precision with a high level of product-friendliness. The unique planting system limits friction between the tubers and therefore prevents damage to the seed potato. The unique, potato-friendly planting belt concept gives each individual seed potato optimum room to grow based on its size. That way you always get a homogeneous end product. The open design of the belt bed also does an excellent job of separating foreign matter from the seed potatoes and makes it easier to perform maintenance and adjustment of the machine.