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animal feed supplement / for horses / mineral / vitamin
Formula 3®



  • Type:

    for animals

  • Animal type:

    for horses

  • Main ingredient:

    mineral, vitamin, protein, amino acid, with yeast, salt, oil, fatty acid

  • Form:


  • Function:

    deficiency corrector, stimulate appetite


New Formulation now available

Mitavite Formula 3® has been the first choice of Australian trainers for many years. Formula 3’s success can in part be attributed to its versatility, making it a valuable addition in trainers feed rooms.

New Version
After conducting extensive trials, Mitavite have introduced a new version of Formula 3® - easily recognised by its lighter colour and texture. While nutritionally the formulation is identical to the original recipe, the changes will improve consistency in the extreme climates experienced in over 20 countries where Formula 3® is sold.