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silo unloader / hopper / grain / biomass
HYDRACONE unloader for hopper silos



  • Type:

    silo, hopper

  • Applications:

    grain, biomass

  • Other characteristics:



The HYDRACONE discharger for CONICAL BOTTOM SILOS is designed to unload heavy and light products, powdery or fibrous, dry or sticky whilst having minimal restrictive effect on the natural flow of the product stored in conical bottom silos.
ITS CONCEPT: the HYDRACONE discharger for CONICAL BOTTOM SILO works with a hydraulic transmission. An Archimedean screw driven by a hydraulic motor sweeping the cone of the silo, with a second hydraulic motor powering the planetary rotation around the cone. This system allows the complete emptying of the silo.
The hydraulic drive delivers high torque at low speed thanks to the MORILLON start-up aid; the BOOSTER.
ADVANTAGES: this system provides a controlled discharge of the silo; reduced risk of product bridging and guaranteed functionality thanks to its BOOSTER start-up aid.
Maintenance is possible when the silo is full, with easy access to the transmission components.
All moving parts are enclosed and, with all drive transmission components sealed from product contact, both personnel safety and product contamination safety are assured.
RANGE: for silos from 2.5m diameter, cone angle 30⁰ or 45⁰ with variable speed discharge offering capacities upto 150 m3/h.