cone discharge gate / flat

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cone discharge gate / flat cone discharge gate / flat


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The trouble-free, air-tight storage of freshly harvested, unground grain maize and grains. Discharge quantities are not relevant, operation in winter trouble-free, freshly ground maize daily, full-grain silage: a well-tried system. Over 1,500 plants in operation.

Cone discharge
from silo diameter 3-8 m

flachaustragungFlat discharge
from silo diameter 4-7 m (conversion of enamelled silo)

ganzkornmuehleFull-grain mills
with 9.2; 11 and 15 kW

befuehlung-siloFilling of silos
Full-grain mill or tractor blower

Budget-priced grain maize storage and withdrawal system with CO2 gas
Trouble-fee silo withdrawal (maize +12°C) in summer and winter
Astonishing daily weight gain of the pigs
ganzkorngasrueckNovelty: full-grain gas return device
A newly developed device retains the CO2 gas in the silo. This system can also be retrofitted on existing plants. The advantage: The precious protective gas CO2 remains in the silo and does not longer escape at the discharge flap during discharge. The balloon remains filled with CO2 gas and is not emptied so fast.

ganzkorngasrueckFull-grain silo – fresh nitrogen protects stored maize against admission of air
The introduction of freshly generated nitrogen in the GK silo was tested throughout the year. We found a considerable improvement of the maize quality. Especially the yeast and bacteria counts were reduced considerably. For large silo plants, the introduction of nitrogen provides a solution for still having a “first-rate” maize quality in the silo in summer and autumn as well. The maize is delivered from the silo like freshly harvested day in, day out (patent pending).