cow management system / animal activity / mobile



  • Application:

    for cows

  • Function:

    animal activity

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Valuable reports and knowledge of dairy herd behavior

Nedap COWcontrol ™ delivers reports showing trends and insights on the behavior of groups or your entire dairy herd. Chart the herd’s patterns to see how external factors and your management strategies influence the behavior of your groups and herd. Measure and evaluate the impact of housing conditions, feeding strategies and milking procedures on your herd’s performance so you can continuously strive to improve.

Operational, tactical and strategic levels

Use group and herd management to improve farm management at the operational, tactical and strategic levels. Stability and regularity are important contributions to the success of a dairy farm. Cows are creatures of habit and perform at their best if every day follows the same format. Any type of change in a cow’s daily routine causes stress. Stress has a negative effect on milk production, reproduction and health of dairy cows. The amount of regularity due to a farm’s management procedures can be determined by the behavior of a group of cows. Charting group and herd behavior and detecting changes or abnormalities gives you a tool to use to respond and make improvements.

Measure performance factors including:
The herd’s activities during the day
The average amount of time cows spend on each activity
The variation of behavior among a group of cows
The percentage of cows eating simultaneously