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air inlet for livestock buildings / farm building / wall-mounted / for ventilation



  • Applications:

    for livestock buildings, farm building

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    for ventilation


Good control of air circuits for efficient ventilation of livestock buildings
The air circuits are optimized and identical from the smallest to the largest opening.
The opening of the flaps in blocks of 50 cm high makes it easier to use.
The optimal sealing keeps the heat at the beginning of a batch
The advantages
Efficient ventilation
Opening of the flaps in blocks of 50 cm
Easy cleaning due to its design
Easy to install
Adjustable dimensions
Robust materials
Suitable for all types of breeding
The valves are made of 40 mm thick class 4 (pine) wood, cellular poycarbonate and stainless steel screws.
Stainless steel handles allow the opening of the flaps
They are available in 6 dimensions
1000 x 500 mm (5kg)
1000 x 1000 mm (10kg)
1000 x 1500 mm (15kg)
1000 x 2000 mm (20kg)
1000 x 1500 mm (17kg)
1000 x 2000 mm (23kg)
Optionally you can also have vertical deflectors for the 2 larger models.