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spinach harvester / self-propelled / 1-row
8450 Electro

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spinach harvester / self-propelled / 1-row spinach harvester / self-propelled / 1-row - 8450 Electro


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We introduce you our new electric harvester 8450 ELECTRO!

Introducing our new 8450 ELECTRO electric picking machine!

Suitable for the harvesting of leafy vegetables such as salad, rocket, spinach, etc., this model is designed to work under greenhouse.

The harvester is powered through two 24V batteries, 240 A/h each. They can be recharged through a battery charger, annexed to the harvester, and to an electric 220 V socket.

The electric system inside a tight box to be protected against dust, water and external agents, is entirely designed and manufactured by the Venetian ORTOMEC factory. Possible troubles or defaults are reported to the operator through the display on the driving column. It will be possible to modify the unit parameters and add specific programming and setting.

The steering wheel in the control column is retractable in shape to ease the movement of the machine.

8450 electro is equipped with a doble steering axle, with 4 steering modes:

Only front axle
Only rear axle
Both axle
Crab steer mode
The product cutting height adjustment, through the best technology available on the market (proportional sensors with a PLC card), provides for incredible results in terms of accuracy.

Harvesting head width: from 130 to 180 cm

Track width: from 135 to 200 cm.