bean harvesting header / rigid / rotary

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bean harvesting header / rigid / rotary bean harvesting header / rigid / rotary - VPCII


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Stainless Steel Remote Adjustable Concave - The key to the performance of the VPC (Variable Position Concave) bean head is Oxbo's remote adjustable concave. The revolutionary concave, made of durable and abrasion resistant stainless steel, can be adjusted from the cab on the go, 24 degrees or 7.5 inches of vertical travel, allowing the operator to fine tune the concave as crop and field conditions change. The operator can easily adjust the concave to match bean plant height or pod set, which reduces ground loss, especially in shorter hard to pick beans.
Revolutionary Header Flotation System - The header flotation system on Oxbo's VPC bean heads is seamless, continually monitoring and reacting to changes in ground conditions. The new pressure reducing system maintains a present ground pressure (set by the operator in the cab) in the header lift cylinders for a customized "float" position. The ground roller senses changes in the ground contour and allows the pressure reducing system to immediately react to changes and to smoothly maintain the proper picking height. Constant, smooth operation is even possible in muddy fields. A handy pressure gauge assists the operator in precisely setting header flotation right from his seat. You pick more beans and make more money on every acre.