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growing oyster bag / HDPE / seeding

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growing oyster bag / HDPE / seeding growing oyster bag / HDPE / seeding


  • Type:

    growing, HDPE, seeding

  • Mesh size:

    2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm (0.1 in)


Similar to HDPE oyster mesh, oyster seeding mesh is also made of high density polyethylene, specially with small mesh opening. It is designed for oyster seeds growing or seeds nursery. The seeding mesh can prevent the seeds from getting out of the mesh. The mesh also can create a safe environment for the seeds. So the mesh can greatly improve the survival rates and the quality of oysters.

The oyster seeding mesh can be made to tumblers and bags. Besides used in the seedling growing, it also can be used in the adult oyster growing. We can offer you the various types and sizes of oyster tumblers and bags for you.

The seeding tumbler
It is always trouble the farmers how to raise the oyster seeds high-efficient. Now, we offer a new equipment for you: the oyster tumbler. It is made with HDPE square/diamond mesh. With its up and down, oysters inside will be easy to have a good uniform appearance.


Material: high density polyethylene.
Mesh type: diamond or square.
Mesh size: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm.
Length: 600mm, 800mm.
Diameter: 25cm, 30cm.
Color: black.