trailed fertilizer spreader / solid
LW T Series



  • Mounting:


  • Fertilizer type:


  • Capacity:

    Min.: 6.3 m³ (222.5 ft³)

    Max.: 16.5 m³ (582.7 ft³)


The LW models provide with numerous possibilities of use and a high degree of flexibility
They are equipped with a belt conveyor system and are able to discharge almost all spreading materials exactly. Fitted with a spreading auger, the LW models are ideal for spreading material in dust or powder form, such as quicklime and mineral fertilisers. The two spinning disc system is available additionally and allows distribution of granulated and most other spreading material. A high spreading accuracy, a uniform spreading pattern, a robust technology thought to the smallest detail, as well as a high discharge rate and even ground coverage distinguish the LW models. The uniform flow of the spreading is ensured by the belt conveyor system in combination with a relief roof, which relieves the pressure from the conveyor belt. The low-wear hydraulic system increases the life of components and reduces maintenance effort and cost, essential factors for the high profitability of the LW large-area precision spreaders.