trailed fertilizer spreader / solid
FW T Series



  • Mounting:


  • Fertilizer type:


  • Capacity:

    Min.: 6.2 m³ (219 ft³)

    Max.: 12.5 m³ (441.4 ft³)


Precise discharging of moist spreading material

The FW large-area-precision spreaders have been specially developed for discharging moist spreading material with up to 75 % dry mass (wet lime, crushed rock, dry sewage sludge, compost etc.). The powerful large-area precision spreaders distinguish themselves by their precise spreading pattern, ultra-modern technology and numerous extension options. The electro-hydraulic drive increases the comfort of operation, reduces the maintenance required and the wear. It thus increases the profitability of the FW large-area precision spreaders. Spread rate regulation at the press of a button. The FW large-area precision spreaders can be fitted with two different electronic systems for spread rate regulation. The controllers H-Spread Control (HSC) and E-Spread Control (ESC) are available for selection, with which all the functions of the FW large- area precision spreader are controlled electrohydraulically. Both controllers significantly improve the precision of the discharge, the documentation as well as the monitoring of the overall system, and increase the efficiency of your work.