automatic egg candling machine / with transfer system



  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, with transfer system

  • Capacity (eggs/h):

    36,000 p/h, 50,000 p/h


In-line candling and take out with semi automatic transfer of hatching eggs from setter trays into hatcher baskets. Easy and flexibile in its operation, this unit can candle and transfers 36,000 or 50,000 eggs per hour, depending on the applied version. When equiped with the mobility package, the machine can be easiliy positioned at the right location in each hatchery. Inline candling light system for a continues operation. Data registration to provide information for process optimisation. Optionally the semi-automatic transfer unit can be replaced by a full automatic transfer system for minimum amount of operators.

How it works
The light sensor in the candling unit scans the eggs, to reveal whether eggs are fertile or clear. The amount of light passing through the egg is an indication of the presence of a developed embryo or an infertile egg. This data is recorded into a database for review and reference
Infertile (clear) eggs are automatically removed from the setter tray and discharged for further handling. The proportion of fertile or infertile eggs has no effect on machine capacity.
Semi-automatic transfer of eggs from setter tray to hatcher basket, the vacuum transfer unit picks up the eggs, to gently place them into the basket.
Optionally an in-ovo vaccination unitcan be added to the system.