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gravimetric phenotyping platform / transpiration / for greenhouse / automated



  • Application:

    transpiration, for greenhouse

  • Other characteristics:

    automated, high-throughput, high sampling rate, gravimetric


What is Plantarray
Plantarray is a high-throughput, physiological-based, precise phenotyping system that performs SPAC (Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Continuum) measurements for the whole-plant response to different environments. The system collects data simultaneously from all plants in the array, providing a genuine comparison between plants and their treatments, in an easy to use, not destructive and non-invasive setup.

Plantarray's hardware meets a large variety of growing facilities. It is simple to install, integrated with top of the line sensors and technologies from leading companies (Decagon, Vishay, Baccara, Tefen, Anyload), highly robust (no moving parts, suitable for all plants species), and hardly requires continual technical maintenance.

Plantarray’s operating software facilitates:

Simultaneous and continues data collection from all plants in the array
Control and maintenance of each pot soil conditions including soil-water content, salinity, and tested chemicals concentration in the growing media
Real-time analysis and presentation for easy experiment control