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silage film / bale wrap

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silage film silage film


  • Application:

    silage, bale wrap


Used to store moist grass rolls. Both gramineous (oat, ray grass, rescuegrass, sorghum, etc.) and leguminous (alfalfa, clover, etc.) plants can be stored.

Improves grass roll conservation and yield.

Green food production in cattle farming.
Next winter, make sure your farm has green grass.


It is a silage bag with elastic memory that allows the bag’s deformation to then shrink down and recover its original size.

Used to store moist grass rolls, it may also be used to preserve gramineae (oat, ray grass, wild barley, sorghum, etc) and legumes (alfalfa, clovers, etc)

• It is a "timely technique" because it does not require advanced planning for cuts: it may be used at any time of the year.

• It is the best technique for pasture surplus.

• Elastic memory (the ability to recover its original size) allows eliminating the use of oxide bags to achieve anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen) as soon as possible..

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