wheeled sprayer / wide / for greenhouse
WANJET HP series



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristics:

    wide, for greenhouse

  • Capacity:

    110 l, 300 l (29.1 gal)


Advanced high pressure plant sprayers are designed for efficient spraying of all kinds of plants in a greenhouse
Scattering the particles - covering plants with a liquid thoroughly and evenly increases the effectiveness of the preparations.
Strong turbulence - good penetration of plants thanks to the strong stream of air and liquid.
Economy of means - The efficiency of the machine when combined with original WANJET nozzles reduces significantly the working time and the consumption of chemicals. The WANJET production programme anticipates a wide range of spraying jets perfectly tailored for various working conditions. The machine is equipped with an electric engine and a modern piston pump.
Tank - is made of transparent material with a marked scale, which allows the operator to check the level of the liquid quickly.
Automatic mixing - in order to obtain homogenous liquid for spraying the mixing is done by means of a three-way valve. The lack of sharp edges enables precise cleaning.
Liquid filtration - filtration takes place in two stages, partly by the filter placed on the tank and partly by the replaceable filter element mounted between the tank and the pump.
Hose reel - mounted conveniently high, it may be turned in the chosen direction, which makes the work more efficient.
Pressure regulator - allows setting the pressure in a convenient way in the range between 0 and 150 bars.

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