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automatic turning incubator / chicken / cabinet / single-stage
57600 Series



  • Egg turning:

    automatic turning

  • Type of animal:


  • Other characteristic:

    cabinet, single-stage

  • Egg capacity:

    Min.: 57,600 unit

    Max.: 115,200 unit


Single-stage incubation equipment is being gradually accepted by customers in China and
overseas because of its flexible incubation methods, convenient sanitation and epidemic
prevention and chicks with better quality. The new type 57600 series incubation equipment
recently launched by El electronics is a single-stage incubation equipment specially developed addressing these needs and for overseas market.
New Design Achieves Outstanding Performance: This machine adopts new technologies: mature airflow filed, touch screen interface, water cooling/water heating, ultrasonic humidification, non-rail design and pneumatic egg turning. All these improvements are based on overseas operating habits and hatching process.
Water cooling and water heating are integrated to match heat recovery system, which can effectively utilize embryo heat to hatch early eggs and reduce the power consumption. Frequency conversion technology is adopted to control fan running in low frequency at some stages to save energy. With the help of the above two technologies, power consumption is greatly reduced without environmental pollution.
Co2 control is also added to monitor the internal C02 concentration for better hatching results.
Simple Structure More Suitable For Overseas Market: The whole structure is further simplified in favor of epidemic prevention. More reliable, easy maintenance: replaceable modular design that greatly reduces the cost of overseas service.
Strong Environment Suitability, Low Climate Control Dependency : Most materials are from stainless steel and galvanized steel. The board adopts 75mm FRP white foam with anodized profiles.

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