compost monitoring system / temperature / wireless / real-time
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compost monitoring system / temperature / wireless / real-time compost monitoring system / temperature / wireless / real-time - Tango XN


  • Application:

    for compost

  • Function:


  • Other characteristic:

    wireless, real-time


Quanturi wireless monitoring system provides real-time and continuous temperature monitoring to optimize the transformation process of biowaste into compost.

The temperature history gives a complete view of the composting process from fermentation to curing and maturation. The generated reports are a guarantee for sanitary authorities and customers that compost has been produced in compliance with the regulations in effect.

Quanturi’s connected temperature probes are yellow, easy to spot, extremely robust and are compatible with all installation configurations such as composting platforms and digestate management.

Wireless sensor probes measure the temperature of your compost24/7. The base station receives the measurement data and sends it to the online service. In your account you can visualize temperature data and create compliance reports.

The durable yellow probes are easy to spot, and they are suitable for both open windrows and in-vessel operations. The recommended size for compost is 100 cm spike length, but our probes are also available in 200 cm length for extra large windrows.

The Compost Supervisor service plan gives full control over the temperature monitoring process of compost. The composting site can be virtually mapped to visualize the location and the temperature history of each probe placed in compost. Activity reports are also available for traceability and conformity of compost.