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wire unwinding machine



Unwinds wire netting rolls from 0 up to 2.50m high (on GRX 8025) and up to diameter 800mm, without risk for the user.
Possibility to unwind 1 or 2 strands of barbed wire on top of the netting.
Excellent tension of the netting: hydraulic stretching system of the wire netting controlled by the user from the driving cabin.
Stretching and holding grip during the nailing process or the linking of the netting rolls.
Loading platform for putting up the wire netting roll.
Staple air nailing pistol (option)
Wire netting always clean and put effortlessly. It is unwinded in vertical position.
Options: 2-way hydraulic valve, staple air nailing pistol, air compressor for the air nailing pistol, barbed wire unwinding system (2 max.)

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