swine waterer / trough / stainless steel / floor-mounted



  • Animal type:

    for swine

  • Form:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristic:

    floor-mounted, electric

  • Capacity:

    7.6 l (2 gal)


The Ritchie Pork King is designed to withstand the rugged nature of a pen full of swine. Built entirely of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and long life, our Pork King fountains are also equipped with thermostatically controlled electric heat and the industry’s most reliable fast refill valve. The Pork King 2 provides a two sided trough featuring flip lids to prevent debris from entering the trough. Easily maintain your Pork King 2 waterer by removing the large top cover for access to the valve and float.