mounted field cultivator / 3-point hitch



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristic:

    3-point hitch

  • Working width:

    1,400 mm, 3,360 mm




System expansion by one or two hydraulic cylinders, acting on the cranks with feedback of parallelograms, allowing the opening of each side evenly.

Manufacturing technology for computerized control.

Quick joint coupling.

Better penetration of blades and derating tractor power.

Blocking valve that allows fixation of the width measurement of the cultivator.

Interlayed blades. Allows no accumulation
of grass in the arms of the cultivator.

Joint bolts treated allowing greater durability and prevent premature wear.

Safety chains to prevent rolling the steamroller bar during circulation.

7, 9, 11 and 13 options arms. The extension of 13 arms cultivator is using 2 cylinders.

Extensible steamroller bar.

Equiped with “Bellota” blades.

4 inclined folding arms vineyard.
2 for each side, in addition to reducing
the top width of the cultivator to work
with dense vegetation, it also allows
to adjust the width of the cultivator
in narrow steps.

Vineyard interchangeable arms with safety device preventing its deployment during circulation.

Quick joint coupling.