calf milk heater / lamb

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calf milk heater / lamb calf milk heater / lamb - 1509325


  • Animal type:

    calf, lamb

  • Maximum temperature:

    80 °C (176 °F)


MS Electric Milk Warmer is an electric apparatus to easily warm calf or lamb milk in a bucket. The temperature is controlled by a infinitely adjustable thermostat, so the milk cannot burn.
Characteristics MS Electric Milk Warmer:
Heating element made of aluminium
Curved handle allows single-handed use
Easy to clean
Splash proof (IP 44)
Extremely stable
High heat output level
Can be used from a filling level of 15 cm
10 minutes = 35° C
20 minutes = 62° C
23 minutes = 75° C
25 minutes = 80° C
The milk heater can be used to heat milk and food that is prepared with water. The milk heater should not be used for any other purpose and can only be used under supervision.
The liquid container in which the milk heater is placed must be made of a heat resistant material
The minimum and maximum immersion depth should be strictly followed
The milk heater is suitable for heating milk. When the desired temperature is reached, the milk heater must be switched off immediately
Store the milk heater on a non-combustible surface immediately after use
The milk heater must be cleaned after each use
If the device is not used according to its destination or when changes are made, the manufacturer is not liable and will void the warranty.