calf feed dispenser / robotic / self-propelled / programmable
FR Series



  • Animal type:

    for calves

  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristic:

    self-propelled, programmable, rotor


In the pursuit of the optimal solution SIEPLO has created unprecedented opportunities, enter with the feeding robot. It is no longer the question how much time you spend on the run, because this robot works completely unmanned. Controlled by the computer, the robot takes care of the very best implementation of the feeding schedule. The mix-dosing-robot goes to the loading stations enter, mixes the roughage to a homogeneous mixture, drives through the corridors and dispenses the feed. From now on, you can run several times a day, so the natural feeding behavior of calves is approached closer than ever. This makes the SIEPLO feeding robot in every way groundbreaking. You can spend more time than ever to your rounds directly along the animals and anticipate on the health and performance. With the revolutionary SIEPLO feeding robot modern veal farmers have all the ingredients for the highest output: maximum feed quality and efficiency.