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feed silo / for animal feed / steel / galvanized steel
Feed silo



  • Application:

    for animal feed, animal feed

  • Material:

    steel, galvanized steel

  • Form:

    round, cone-bottom

  • Other characteristic:

    with screw conveyor

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 8 m³ (283 ft³)

    Max.: 46 m³ (1,624 ft³)


Feed silos manufactured by our company are the the best and the newest silos invented in the latest generation.

They are known for it’s very good workmanship, quality and easy of use. Silos are equipped with a diagonal tube lift – which is originally invented by our company – that allows fast filling of the silo and using the shortest possible route – which greatly speeds up the process of storage, including loading and unloading. Top of the silo is covered with corrugated metal, which reflects the sun’s rays and lowering the temperature inside the silo.

Complete stability of silo guarantee crossbars, which are made of solid and tough material. Funnel with a slope of 60 degrees prevents suspending highly greased feed – which provides an easy way to clean the silo through the hatch in the hopper. On a loading pipe there are placed elbows with a thickness of 4mm – which prevents chafing caused by frequent reloads. The vent pipe of 160 mm ensures optimum air circulation inside of the silo.

Our feed bins are prepared to work efficient in extreme conditions – can withstand the most freezing temperatures of -30 degrees and unnaturally hot – plus 70 degrees.