irrigation cannon / low-angle
Gemini 2 velocità



  • Type:


  • Other characteristic:


  • Reach:

    Min.: 51 m (167'03")

    Max.: 90 m (295'03")

  • Flow:

    Min.: 64.9 m³/h (2,291.92 ft³/h)

    Max.: 269 m³/h (9,499.65 ft³/h)


Sprinkler of great discharge for high pressure systems, rotaring at uniform speed over a full or part circle. It is equipped with interchangeable nozzles of different diameters and an adjustable jet-breaker, which allows to get a well distributed rainfall all over the watered area. That is the ideal raingun for the supplementary irrigation of extensive cultivations. Equipped with a special change of gears, allowing two speed. An high speed for tender cultivations or a slow speed for normal cultivations.