greenhouse climate controller / temperature / humidity / for CO2

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greenhouse climate controller / temperature / humidity / for CO2 greenhouse climate controller / temperature / humidity / for CO2 - Process-C5


  • Application:

    for greenhouse

  • Measured parameters:

    temperature, humidity, for CO2, lighting, water


With the new technologies cultivate becomes easier and more dynamic.

Computerized control of a greenhouse is aimed at increasing cultivation growth. Temperature, humidity, CO2, light, irrigation and nourishment are essential elements for the regular growth of the cultivation. Photosynthesis, transpiration and nutrition are processes that must be managed with the utmost care.
Process constantly measures the signals coming from the sensors installed inside and outside the greenhouse and, on the basis of precise control strategies, appropriately controls the systems installed in the greenhouse.

Suitable for the control of up to 10 environments (max.6 daily periods) it is completely configurable and expandable to adapt to any control requirement.
An intuitive graphic interface with icons makes the controller easy to use and simplifies the programming and visualization of the process parameters.
The MC-Net supervision software connected to C-Fenix ​​becomes a powerful system of control, supervision and analysis on the computer both in the company and outside.

The mobile modem accessory allows you to receive/send SMS or calls in case of alarms or anomalies. On Process-C5 ​​with 230 / 240VAC power supply, this accessory, combined with the power backup accessory allows you to be informed in case of power failure from the network.