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    animal activity

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Automatic gates, working individually, already exist. Autolift adds cow traffic configurations, controlling all relevant gates as part of a cow traffic system.
To begin the Autolift App is programmed with all the desired cow traffic configurations; open or closed position for all relevant gates. When in use the operator selects a configuration in the App on his smartphone. All relevant gates will take the required position and cow traffic is set in motion. If the operator selects a different configuration the gates will automatically facilitate another cow route.
Convenient, labour saving and increasing the capacity of the dairyman; physical strain by moving gates is replaced by pushing a button on a smartphone. Cow traffic is being promoted from a pure operational task to simple and easy management.

The gates
The gates of the Autolift system are robust draw gates, moving up and down. Draw gates are least sensitive for being blocked by animals. Going up, the nearby animals will walk back, going down the animals standing below will feel the gate and move out of the way. The materials used are robust and strong, able to withstand the force of the animals and function for years.
In the open position the gate can be positioned relatively high, facilitating a tractor to pass beneath. The remote control function of the App keeps the driver in his seat. Moving the gate back down might be difficult manually due to the relative height, but is easy and comfortably solved by the remote control.