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band sawmill / horizontal / with belt conveyor



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    with belt conveyor


SCAD700 Band sawmill, is a saw manufactured for the cutting of logs up to 700 mm in diameter.

It matches the needs of carpenters, craftsmen or builders, providing that not capacity but good lumber quality and opportunity to cut on the place of felling or processing are crucial.

Small machine proportions and low weight enable effortless manipulation and allow easy transport at the back of a personal car.

Adjusting of the cutting height is manual by vernier wheel. The cutting height is possible to be read on a scale mounted to the frame.

The carriage rolls on a rail track. Carriage feeding movement, when cutting, is adjusted manually. Band wheels are made of steel.

Wheels are shaped for the band width of 30-40 mm. The band length is 4120mm.

The band is water-cooled. Band stretching is done by a screw.

The stretching power is possible to be read on a power measuring valve. Band replacing is quick and not demanding.

Saw operating is so simple that any adult will manage it. SCAD 700 Band saw-assisted, cutting the lumber out of the logs is a piece of cake.

The sawmill can be delivered with electric (7,5 kW) or fuel main motor HONDA with 8,1 kW (11 PS).