trailed fertilizer applicator / solid
XT Series



  • Mounting:


  • Fertilizer type:


  • Capacity:

    7,200 l, 9,500 l, 13,000 l (1,902 gal)


Whether you are a farmer or a contractor, it provides the efficiency you need!
The new XT generation is pushing back the limits of performance.
With working widths up to 50 m for granules and maximum capacities of 15,500 litres, these trailed fertiliser spreaders offer unrivalled productivity.
At ease on the road and fields alike, the XT is approved to travel with a full hopper.
Extraordinary site application rates
Exceptional performance, fully multi-functioning
- With fertiliser granules, work on widths from 18 to 50 m in mechanical drive.
- Up to 5 tonnes/ha with wet bulk or organic pellets
- One single machine for several applications: all configurations are available and interchangeable depending on the product to be spread, granulates or other bulk forms, organic pellets, or powder,