cattle feed station / with management software / automatic identification system / programmable



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    with management software, automatic identification system, programmable


System Happel develops, produces and markets automation solutions for international livestock breeding. As a result of a growing world population and more wealth, meat and milk producers have recorded an increased demand for their products. At the same time, prices for resources such as feed and manpower have risen. Through automation of basic processes, Nedap Agri helps meat and milk producers to efficiently use limited resources.

In the feeding station, each cow is supplied with exactly the right amount of feed and the correct feed sort. This offers many benefits for you.

For the cows:
Shielded feeding area: the cows can feed without being disturbed
Optional: pneumatic door at the back, for even more comfort during feeding
No sharp edges: livestock-friendly
Side frame can be mounted in 3 positions at the front area: allows for precise adaptation to the size (width) of the animals (heifers)

Sturdy 1.95 metre high anti-jump device: also suited for large animals
Anti-jump device is bent rearward: better protection for the feeding cows in the station
100 % shielded cables: more safety for the cows
Ventilation devices in the front area: no formation of condensate in and around the feeder
Additional installation to prevent wasting of feed at the feeder
Suited for ear, neck and leg tags