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broiler-breeder rearing cage / layer / with egg belts



  • Animal type:

    broiler-breeder, layer

  • Other characteristic:

    with egg belts


Product Description

The nests for reproductive laying purposes and standard laying offer improved comfort conditions to hens and are complemented with an automatic conveyor belt for eggs collection.

The design and great quality during the nest manufacture, assures clean eggs, minimum breakage and also preventing “off the nest” laying.

Main advantages of the nests with conveyor belt for eggs are:

- Reduced number of eggs laid on the floor.
- High hygiene conditions.
- Savings in labor.
- Less breakage.

Each nest has a bottom surface manufactured in galvanized steel covered by an “artificial turf” composed by synthetic materials similar to a natural nest bed. Both parts can be dismounted from the nest without any difficulty for its cleaning.

The plastic sheeting barriers next to the artificial turf level, hide the egg and reduce losses from pecking.