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metal milk filter / polypropylene / sleeve / white

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metal milk filter metal milk filter


  • Material:

    metal, polypropylene

  • Form:


  • Other characteristic:



Removes the milk from mechanical impurities, rises the milk grade,saves money and reduces the production expenses.
Encreases the profit of the enterprise
Rise in price per one liter of milk due to the higher milk grade.
We produce High-effective milk filters in strict compliance.
Dairy plants can buy dirty raw product, filter it and receive a good quality final product.
Dealers buy cheap milk, filter it and resell it to dairy plants.
Improves the quality level of milk
Reduces up to 98% of mechanical impurities
Reduces the bacteria and acidity level.
Increases the heat-resistance and expires the shelf life.
Improves the color, smell and taste of the milk.
No need in extra staff.
No expenses on repair and maintenance of the equipment.
No electricity consumption.
No losses of milk in comparison to centrifuges and sock filters.
Protects milking equipment
Prevents the milk stone growth.
Prevents the breakdowns of equipment such as milk meters, flowing coolers, milk cleansers, bactofuges and separator machines.
Extends the equipment service life.

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