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hose-fed irrigation boom / wheeled / 1-wing / 2-wing



  • Water supply:


  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristic:

    1-wing, 2-wing, for outdoor use

  • Width:

    43.6 m, 49.4 m, 55.2 m, 61 m (143'00")


Irrigation is one of the key factors in solving problems with weather conditions. Recent years have shown an increase in the frequency of summer droughts. Reducing the amount of rainfall negatively affects the quality and quantity of harvested crops.
Investments in the irrigation system will allow increasing the volume of the crop up to 2 times with minimum labor costs, and will also transfer agricultural production to a stable, highly profitable enterprise independent of climatic fluctuations.

Variant Agro Build irrigation systems are suitable for medium and large fields, any areas and configurations.