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cattle feed distributor / robotic / mobile



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Ideal for starting-up!
It comprises a bin for the forage of 800 litres and which can be complemented by 3 types of concentrate. In addition 2 dosing units for minerals and one liquid dispenser allow a really targeted formula for beef production. Forage and concentrate are mixed homogenously and fed to the animals. The machine is suspended on a rail which goes along the feed fence. Easy to install in small sheds.
The power supply by means of battery makes this system easy to install without need of mounting long power cables. In the parking position the batteries are charged while at the same time the machine is filled with forage and concentrate. It can be equipped with up to three types of concentrate, two minerals and one liquid feed. The machine can either be filled by a conveyor or directly from a silo for utmost time efficiency.
You define the individual ration for up to 30 different groups and the Mixmeister takes care of the required components of forage, concentrate and minerals. After having finished the mixing process the formula is automtically supplied to the cow groups. This saves time and labour. The cows get the fodder always fresh in appetizing portions which increases the intake and consequently milk yield significantly without stressing the digestion by keeping the pH-value in rumen low.