dump trailer / 3-axle / 2-axle / grain
WF GR Series



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:

    3-axle, 2-axle

  • Application:


  • Payload:

    16 ton, 27 ton, 20 ton


A trailer for grain reloading. Horizontal and vertical discharge augers are controlled by the power take off (PTO) shaft. The semi-trailer is equipped with a roll over sheet, hydraulic or pneumatic brakes and a wiring system with a flashing yellow beacon. The wide 710/50 R26,5 wheels reduce the pressure on the soil and ensure good ground clearance. Bunker unloading from 2-5 mins. Front unloading auger has a changeable angle. Unloading (auger) height from 3.9 m to 5.4 m