chick waterer / for poultry / plastic / with nipple drinker



  • Animal type:

    for chicks, for poultry

  • Material:


  • Other characteristic:

    with nipple drinker, suspended


Front waterline
For most drinking water systems,water quality is very important.Our specially desgned front waterline can not only complete the normal function of supply and proessing drugs,while the design of large-diameter pipe cleaning,the system can effectively flush sediment and dirt,which play an effective protection of the system,and reduces system maintenance workload.
Can automatically raise the water system of water-soluble drugs,to prevent animal diseases;
Doser to the power of water,no power,economical and reliable;
Accurate,adjust the scale,the auto-adjust according to pressure changes to the amount inhaled,to ensure an accurate ratio.
Convenient operation and mintenance,corrosion-resistant corrosion.
Technical parameters
Work flow:10L/h-2.5m3/h
Working pressure:0.3bar-6bar
Pharmaceutical injecjtion rate:0.02/h-50L/h
Maximum operating temperature:40℃
Adjust the ratio:0.2%to2%(1:500-1:50)
Interface size:male G3/4
Hydraulic motor traffic:the pison of each"click"or two about 0.45 liters