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Who we are

- Founded as a small fuel station enterprise in 1964, AGACLI Group has turned into a pioneering model corporation in tourism, industry, logistics and service businesses in Turkey thanks to its substantial investments throughout the past 50 years steadily.

- Having reached today by a constant focus on customer satisfaction, AGACLI Group has created a powerful trademark both locally and internationally with its business experience over 50 years.

- Actively operating in the field of industry from 1995 to present, AGACLI has now successfully proved its advanced engineering experience on grain storage and handling systems.

- Based in Aksaray, AGACLI Silo has integrated high-tech machinery lines at every stage of its production.

- With its ready, qualified, experienced and specialized staff, the company has been carrying out its production in 100,000 sqm worksite.

- Our factory is capable of processing 35,000 tonnes high-strength steel per year.

- In addition to 1000 actively-employed staff within AGACLI Group, a specialized team of 100 people provides support for effective quality assurance inspections at our industrial production plant put into service in 2016.

Our values

· Board of Ağaçlı Silo stands for the highest standards and best practices of corporate management, and is dedicated to principles of transparency, honesty and responsibility. A sound corporate management and transparency are essential factors for Ağaçlı Silo to reach its goal to become a pioneering corporation in grain storage and transportation business thanks to the high standards in quality and service.

· Range of our corporate liability is not limited to achievement of personal gain and power only, but also includes adding values and providing material and nonmaterial benefits for the society and country we dwell within. Being aware of the importance of learning from the past in the path to future, the company is devoted to national values and worships familial and moral values.

· It is a respectable, stable, honest and reliable firm with a long-standing background.

· It has an ever-learning organisation which is open to criticism and well aware of the importance of institutionalisation.

· It aims to have a say in world markets with its vision created in line with modern technology and industrial developments, and its brand name deriving from an entrepreneurial spirit and courage as well as the power from its past.

· It is authentic and dynamic, cares about innovation and development, invests in innovation and R&D, and rejects resistance to change.

· It has sense of responsibility, works to add material and nonmaterial values to the society, and is sensitive to environment and ecosystem.

· It believes that the basic principle for success is working in an honest, disciplined and planned manner.

· It attaches importance to training of the personnel, enables professional education and development, rewards success.

· It strives to be the best in every field of activity. It is result-oriented and does not compromise on quality of products and services.

· It believes in the power of team spirit, common synergy and fair work environment.

· It is customer-focused, handles fast and peculiar solutions effectively and efficiently within an interactive communication environment and offers to customers.

· It keeps abreast of all the latest developments in target markets, accurately identifies the market demands and expectations and accordingly sets its overall strategy.

· It takes win-win principle as basis in all its contracts and agreements and acts in line with this basic principle.

· It gives importance to sanitation and order, encourages economy and austerity in use, protects natural resources and opposes to any kind of wastage.

· It values human, supports sharing and benevolence, and rejects selfishness and greed.

Integrated Management Systems Policy


· It is our basic policy under the Integrated Management Systems to carry out production with “ZERO-DEFECT” as recognised all over the world. It has to be considered and implemented by all our employees.


· All our employees share the responsibility and liability to maintain quality of products and services as demanded by customers with particular reference to their special requirements, which is a precondition for the customer satisfaction.

· It is our responsibility to provide customers with products and services just-in-time, onsite and as requested in scope of the project in demand.


· Each employee is responsible for quality of the product or service in his/her hand. The personnel must be focused on how to give a high quality service using their personal talent and motivation.

· It is a constant duty for our organisation to increase quality consciousness and motivation of our employees.

· With this regard, everyone must embrace and implement the Integrated Management Systems policy. In case of any failure, it must be known that a punishment and reward process will be initiated.


· It is our duty and responsibility to protect our natural resources by keeping up with the cutting-edge technologies with minimum damage on environment and to assist waste disposal by determining appropriate recycling methods for our wastes to occur.

· In scope of our social responsibilities, every effort is taken to reduce potential risks under the responsibility to make production with no harm on environment and nature.

· The process will be accelerated by initiating an on-site and in-time recycling for our hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.


· It is our main duty to predict, be able to prevent and control our environmental impacts on air, water and land, and to reduce and eliminate the upcoming results thereof. We have been in a constant progress in accordance with this purpose.

· While conducting our operations in an environmentalist approach within our premises, we simultaneously walk with and give guidance to our subcontractors, suppliers and customers in this respect.

· It is to establish an Environment Management System which is in accordance with the conditions under ISO 14001 management system.

· It is to establish an HS Management System which is in accordance with the conditions under OHSAS 18001 management system.


· We are committed to fulfil national laws and regulations and are aiming to adapt to universally accepted norms in scope of the constant improvement approach.

· We pay attention to produce environmentally friendly products in all our activities and production processes in particular.

· For this purpose, we carry out all our operations in cooperation with the related bodies and organisations.

· We act in accordance with the relevant Health and Safety regulations in all our activities.



· Our quality approach is based on hindering defects and taking precaution in all processes and at every stage of our production.

· Our newly commissioned serial products and project-based special production must be better than the preceding product range.

· Information interchange between employees is our fundamental condition for constant improvement.

· We care about providing participation and contribution of our employees and suppliers in all our processes.


This is an Integrated Management System being internalised and implemented in this corporation.

The Company Senior Management hereby instructs all our employees that it is obligatory to conform with the Integrated Management System in all departments of our corporation.