AGRETO electronics GmbH

Who we are

Agreto - Professional equipment for farmers

Agreto is a successful agricultural electronics manufacturer and supplier, headquartered in Austria. We have been in information technology and measurement equipment for 30 years. Our goal is to offer our distributors and customers the highest-quality professional agricultural electronics products.

The customer benefits and the reliability of our products are our main priorities. At Agreto, we are committed to continuously developing our product range and looking for new tools and measuring methods that make working in the agriculture sector easier and more efficient.

Our values


Our products are fully developed in-house. In addition to their hardware and software development skills and know-how, our team is also fully up to date with the demands and challenges of the agricultural industry and the requirements of our products’ users.


Producing measuring instruments places high demands on production. We have therefore automated our processes, enabling us to optimally satisfy our high-quality requirements and produce the units cost-effectively and flexibly.


We aim to minimize any service costs for our products. Should any of our products ever require repairs, you can always rely on our service team.

The outstanding quality features of Agreto products

Extremely robust

Agreto products are not cheap throw-away products but are durable quality devices.
Our products are “Made in Austria”. Development, production, and assembly take place in-house at our company locations in Austria.

High precision

The measurement results obtained with our devices are used for crucial decisions in the field. We are committed to providing products that offer optimum accuracy and safety. Agreto products are all tried and tested practically before they are put into the market.

Practical and attractive packaging

We keep our packaging as compact and environmentally friendly as possible so that almost all Agreto products can be shipped using standard parcel delivery services. Our boxes feature an attractive design and have a Euro hang hole for in-shop presentation.

Long life span

Despite the high speed at which technical development is taking place and innovations are introduced, we always attach great importance to the practical long-term benefits for the users of our products. This is underlined by our 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.