Who we are

Agritech is an Italian company located in the district of Brescia, specialized in the processing of fiberglass and selling its products in more than 50 countries all over the world.
Agritech main products are silos aimed at the storage of both powdered and granular products. Fiberglass silos are characterized by extremely high constructive and qualitative standards certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 and Statik, that make them fit for satisfying the needs of different industrial sectors.
Thanks to a 30-year-long cooperation with worldwide farmers, Agritech has constantly improved the design of its silos and has been able to introduce many other products such as a wide range of outdoor shelters for animals, thus satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.
The particular dedication to export markets and the high quality standards of the products in all their details made Agritech grow in a significant and constant way.
Agritech’s research for better technical solutions has resulted in the creation two spin off companies, of which we’re particularly proud: Spirotech, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of both flexible and rigid screw conveyors in stationary and portable configurations and Poly 3, a company specialized in formulating and producing protective gel-coats and paints for silos and fiberglass products in general.

Our values

Agritech created an internal organization system based on norms given by certifications. Norma apply to all company procedures, from sales to purchase, manufacturing, etc.

AGRITECH management's promotes the culture of Quality through the commitment of all those who work in the company and for the company. This requires that everyone is involved and aware of his role and responsibility in order to achieve objectives of Quality and continuous improvement.
The planning of actions for the development of its processes, with the identification of objectives, phases and tools for managing and controlling the delivery of its products / services, through an effective document support system for activities consisting of procedures, instructions and documents, it has proved to be an extremely effective management tool.

100% clean energy
Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels in its production units and stock facilities, Agritech generates the required power using only green energy, thus fully respecting the environment.