ANNABURGER Nutzfahrzeug GmbH

Who we are

ANNABURGER is a leading European manufacturers for agricultural trailer and operates international with a voluminous, innovative and high specialized product range to sort out every transport charging on a advanced technologically level. Based in Annaburg, Saxony-Anhalt, the company is located in heart of Europe.

We produce customer specified trailer for agricultural, common and commercial transport ranges. Our core competence is an extensive range of vehicles for high-performance, cost-effective transport of agricultural commodities as well as for environmentally and crop-friendly spreading of all organic manures. Based on conventional trailers, like Silage Trailer, push off trailers, Chaser Bins, Universal -Muck- Spreader, Tipper Trailer and Liquid Manure Tankers, we constantly develop new trailer, trailer combinations as well as trailer system solution, which are fundamentally differ from our competition.

In addition to the agricultural trailer technology we expanded our product range with a large lorry trailer technology. The main focus is to develop Semi Flatbed Trailer, Container Trailer as well as Pushing-Shield and Tank Trailer for larger transport distances on the street.

For the segment of Special Technique we also offer silage Bagging Machinery as well as a weeder - Universal Cultivator (Uni-Hacke) for ecologically weed control.

Our values

Conventional vehicles like Silage-Chaff trailers, Tippers, Reloding -Transfer- Wagons / Chaser Bins, Universal (Muck) Spreaders, Push-off Trailers, Slurry Tankers

Vehicle combinations like Push-off Trailers as SchubFix / SchubMax, Silage (Chaff) – Universal(Muck) Spreader Teleliner, Tippers with reloading / transfer auger

Trailer systems like MultiLandPlus, MultiLandLight interchangeable systems with basic chassis and movable bodies like Silage (Chaff) module, Tipper, Reloading (Chaser Bin) module, Universal (Muck) Spreader, Ejector Trailer, Slurry Tanker module

Lorry equipment like Substructures, Hook lifts, Trailers, Semitrailers, Tanks, Push-offr Trailers

Universal cultivator – weeder with Turbo-Rollers 3 m, 6 m, 9 m, 12 m, 15 m working width

Bagging machinery – watch