Artex Barn Solutions LTD.

Who we are

Artex Barn Solutions is a team of dedicated dairy professionals who are passionate about cow comfort and the success of the farmers we work with. Pioneers of cow comfort research, Artex and our partners were some of the first to use time-lapse photography to understand cow behaviour and comfort within the barn compared to pasture environments.

Our research led to the development of our complete line of Comfort Zone cattle handling products, including freestalls, headlocks, calf pens, gates, and fencing. Artex also specializes in ventilation products, providing an innovative lineup of recirculation fans, exhaust fans, and cooling solutions.

Our values

Our team, along with business and university partners, began the study of cow comfort in pasture environments. This study was designed to help us better understand animal stress and what constitutes ‘natural behaviours’.

Our goal has been to create a barn environment that is as close to the pasture as possible to increase productivity and management efficiency, but also to promote animal health and well being.

Our belief is that it is crucial to a farm’s success to reduce animal stress. This means designing a barn that simulates the pasture environment and promotes natural behaviours like lying down.

Our success is built on a foundation of customer service. As a company, we believe our success is found in the success of the farmers who use our products every day to enhance their business.

The more a cow lays down, the more milk she produces. The more milk she produces, the more money farmers make