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BERKY - your key for living waters

BERKY combines ecology and economy in water maintenance and actively aims to contribute to healthy and clean waters and riverbanks around the world. Our goal is to create a unique key for each problem, which is nevertheless universally applicable. Constant innovation and environmental cautiousness led to the development of highly efficient and cost-effective machinery.

In addition, BERKY is also involved in cleaning up our waters of plastic, waste, and everything that does not belong in there by joining forces with the German NGO everwave, launching the CollectiX boats and other partners as well.


From hand-guided equipment and automotive, self-propelling machinery, to mowing and collection boats. BERKY is known for one of the leading manufacturers of water maintenance machines. Looking back on 60 years of corporate history, the former inventor of the "three-wheeled ditch slope mower" (1963) has evolved into one of the few full-line suppliers in the business. Thousands of municipalities and subcontractors are relying on our high quality and reliable products – made in Germany!

BERKY side and front mowers, slope mowers, ditch cleaners, trench diggers, mowing boats and weed harvester, dredgers, plus a wide selection of specialty machinery and equipment is available to our customers around the world, manufactured in Germany. All this would not be possible without our dedicated and highly trained team, which is happy to help you with your individual problems.

The Company`s hallmark inventive talent is still as alive and kicking as ever.

We are innovators and constantly thrive to push beyond the limits. Our customers are an integral part of this innovative spirit and a constant force in pushing us to go beyond and above. We value our customers inputs and stimulating suggestions, to provide them with the right key for their problem.

Our corporate motto is "your key for living waters", technically perfected and customised yet nonetheless affordable.

Our values


From the inventor of the "three-wheeled ditch slope mower", to full-range supplier of water maintenance machines. "Up to the knees in water and wielding a scythe or a pitchfork" - towards the end of the 1950s, this is what the clearing out and maintenance of ditches, trenches and other waterways was all about. Anton Berkenheger, farmer and chairman of the Meersbach Water Supply and Land Conservation Association in the Haren/Ems district, set himself the goal of making this type of work easier to manage and far more effective.

Some form of mechanization was therefore called for and in 1963 Anton Berkenheger was thus awarded patent rights on his first invention: a three-wheeled, ditch slope mower. He thereby laid the foundation work for what today has grown into a fully hydraulic ditch mowing and cleaning range of machines. In 1964, Anton Berkenheger (farmer), Gerhard Knoll (civil engineering contractor), and Josef Göcking (political economist), founded the Anton Berkenheger & Co. KG in Haren-Erika, with four employees.

Soon after in 1968, the young, successful company was already in need of larger headquarters and moved to a production hall in the so-called “Harener Hafen”.

In 1977 the new construction of the corporate headquarters in Haren-Emmeln begun. At first there were 1,500 square meters for the production workshops, the storage, facilities and the offices. Seven years later, another 1,500 square meters were added. The product range underwent a consistent expansion as well: self-propelling slope mowers, attachments for tractors, mowing boats, rough-terrain forklift trucks, and spiral-bladed lawn mowers have been sold throughout Germany. In the middle of the 1980s, the Berkenheger name proudly stood for innovative and comprehensive, water maintenance solutions.

By the early 1990s there was an increasing interest in the "BERKY" brand machines in foreign countries. In July 2015, the subsidiary company Rent-a-Berky GmbH was created to give customers from Germany the chance to rent Berky machines. The Anton Berkenheger Group was founded. At the end of 2015, the Anton Berkenheger Group and the Senwatec Company merged. Since then, the Senwatec Company has become a subsidiary company of the newly established Berky GmbH. Because this integration, our individual companies can offer solutions for the entire industrial sector of water maintenance, providing a more synergistic solution for our customers.

In May of 2016 the Managing Directors of Anton Berkenheger Group met with Henning Clasen, the CEO of HENNING MARINE to discuss a future partnership. In August of 2016 BERKY USA, LLC was founded to provide the U.S., as well as the rest of North America more direct sales representation and service to these markets. By representing BERKY, SENWATEC, and HENNING MARINE, BERKY USA, LLC is ready to offer a wide variety of equipment from boom mowers and mowing boats to amphibious dredges and aquatic weed harvesters. With nearly a century of combined experience in a wide variety of fields BERKY USA, LLC can offer the best solutions to all of your water maintenance problems!

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