BESTMIX Software

Who we are

Since 1974, BESTMIX® Software, formerly known as Adifo, has developed and serviced a unique range of food and feed industry-specific software tools for least-cost recipe formulation, quality data management, ration calculation, cloud services and ERP. Over 1000 customers in 60 countries apply BESTMIX® software to optimize their resources, achieve the highest quality products, achieve optimal animal performance, service their clients and become more efficient and profitable.

Today, we’re proud to offer industry-leading applications and expertise for clients across the globe. Continuous input from our users, almost 50 years of experience and state-of-the art technology guarantee innovative products that make a difference.

We look forward to many more years of facing and solving client challenges, developing best-in-class software tools and making data-driven choices to keep BESTMIX® ahead of the curve. We firmly believe in continuous improvement and business innovation, and we’re committed to trusting this process as we transform and evolve with the times. Come along on our journey as we provide software for feeding the future.

BESTMIX® is a gold certified Microsoft partner. For more information about BESTMIX®, please visit With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland, UK, Italy, USA and China, BESTMIX® gladly services a wide range of international clients.

Our mission

Our mission, “Software feeding the future,” highlights our dedication to not only deliver state-of-the-art solutions but also to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers. This is proven by our dedication to create specialized tools that can easily be integrated with one another. With stricter customer service and quality demands and a constant strain on the prices of raw materials, we are convinced now more than ever of the added value we can offer through our solutions and integrations.

Our values

Reliability: BESTMIX® values its partnerships more than anything. We strive to become a reliable and trustworthy partner for our global customer base.

Result-driven: The customer’s goals become our own: streamline the process to create profit. Adifo improves your results in time and within your budget.

Passionate: Our passionate approach is found in our proactive attitude and translated into complete software solutions and a satisfying customer service.

Know-how: With over 45 years of experience in the nutrition software industry, we are the most trustworthy partner for all those involved in the food and feed industry.

Innovative: Through close contact with our clients and partners we always jump on the latest market trends and offer innovative products that meet client demands.

Our presence around the world